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You have data, and lots of it.

Use data to expand market opportunities, increase sales and drive solid decision making.

Avlino’s Alenza Solution provides comprehensive, data analytic solutions that integrate cutting edge automated artificial intelligence technologies with business logic.

What does Alenza do for you?

Automate your entire data analytics process with the Alenza suite of solutions

The last 18 months generated more data than the past 150 years combined! This data is dispersed across multiple domains and exists in different formats. Deeply embedded in this data is information that significantly impacts your products or service.
Train machines to cancel out the noise and listen only to what matters the most to you. Machines can listen at a specific frequency, from specific sources, and organize the data in specific formats.
Go beyond training the machines. Let Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use the data to draw conclusions, make suitable decisions, initiate actions, and learn continuously – without any human intervention. And no, AI will not demand 4 weeks of vacation annually!
How can you make all of the above happen? No need to buy expensive hardware, multiple software licenses, or build a large analytics team. Engage Avlino and the Alenza suite of solutions to automate your analytics process and leverage Artificial Intelligence.


Two options, one solution that fits all of your business needs

AMi - Alenza Marketing intelligence

Why should your Marketing Department demand AMi?
Brand Performance
Topic Analysis
Attribute Analysis
Audience Hyper-Intelligence (Hyper-Targeting)
Competitive Landscape Assessment
Influencer Analysis
Campaign Performance Measurement
Product Positioning Intelligence

AOi - Alenza Operations intelligence

Is it time for your organization to implement a scalable solution that facilitates moving valuable data out of silos and transforming to solutions?
Discover New KPI’s
Combined Analytics
Citizen Data Science
Prescriptive Analytics

Engage Today

The Alenza solution offers your company unexpected opportunities by transforming your data into a competitive tool. Analyzing the ecosystem of structured (enterprise) and unstructured (social) data uncovers business value and unlocks hidden potential in untapped key performance indicators.

Data Capture
Data Organization
Data Taxonomy
Data Management
Data Visualization
Data Integration

Engaging Alenza solutions for your business needs is a simple 5 step process:

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