Data Transformation at Your Fingertips

Is there a simple processing platform to explore all the value deeply embedded in your data? Alenza’s AOi is a comprehensive analytics solution that ingests a variety of structured and unstructured data, and utilizes machine learning and statistical modeling for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

What Can You Expect From AOi?

Discover New KPI’s

The Alenza solution discovers new KPIs that the Business Analysts may not have considered. Evaluate new correlations and business dependencies that can improve the efficiencies.

Combined Analytics

Combine text processing and quantitative analytics into a single function. As an example, enterprises are able to analyze text data from online comments, voice-to-text data from call centers, sales data, and customer profile data as an integrated function - thus generating comprehensive insights from discrete data silos.

Citizen Data Science

Automate the entire value chain to insight generation – all the way from data ingestion, through data preparation, analytics all the way to visualization. Users to conduct business analysis without dependence on programmers and data scientists.

Prescriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics explains what happened in the past. Predictive analytics sheds light on what could happen in the future. Prescriptive analytics highlights what is likely to happen, and more importantly how to make the desired output happen. The actionable insights generated from Prescriptive Analytics help enterprises implement the right actions.

No Programming Skills? No Problem!

AOi is a solution that brings together data in a variety of different formats. Imagine having the capability to analyze social data and compare it with internal sales data mapped over U.S. Census data. With the combined data on a single, interactive dashboard, you will gain greater value and broader insight in understanding and segmenting markets.

With AOi the combinations of data are endless. Engage today.

Greater Value, Broader Insights.

The intuitive platform allows the adaptive flexibility to choose from AI solutions that best suit your organizational needs such as:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Modeling
  • Business Intelligence
  • Prescriptive Insights
  • Information Management

You don’t have to know data science, computer programming or be a business intelligence professional. What you do need to know is your business and your challenges. The AOi solution does the rest. You’re provided with an interactive, real-time dashboard unique to your business proposition.

Engagement Model

Your customer journey begins with a team of the best and brightest:

Strategic Business Advisors that guide you throughout your analytics journey, whether big or small, to help you along the way with use case generation, challenge identification, resolution, and recommendations. Our Business Advisors specialize in market research, trend & competitive analysis, & SWOT Analysis. They are your dedicated advisor and project manager throughout your entire engagement.

Data Programming Specialists that are equipped with state of the art big data technologies and the computer science know-how, our Data Programming Specialists take your internal data and digital data and transform it to clean, cohesive formats.

Data Scientists who specialize in cutting edge mathematical modeling techniques, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, predictive and prescriptive modeling, and behavioral analysis, our data scientists possess the perfect combination of skills:computer programming paired with strong mathematical capabilities.