The world of Marketing has evolved... how prepared is your company to embrace the social revolution?

The World of Marketing has changed dramatically in the digital era. With multi-networking behavior increasing, customers are more engaged than ever, interacting on at least three social networks daily. Content marketing and advertising campaigns, like customer behavior, change in real-time; making it necessary to evolve to the world of Cognitive Sciences for emotional and behavioral exploration. Social listening is important; however, there is a greater value in social learning derived from Behavioral Analytics. Let the Machines do the thinking with AMi (Alenza Marketing intelligence).

Let the Machines do the thinking with AMi (Alenza Marketing intelligence)

Simplify Your Marketing Analysts' Job

Alenza’s AMi solution is an automated variety of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) schemas that collaborate to replicate human behavior and consumer decision making patterns. AMi equips Marketing Professionals with the tools to better understand customers by enabling them to predict future outcomes without the complexities of understanding machine learning and algorithmic intelligence.

Get closer to your customers on a more personal level and relate to their interests and activities while reinforcing your brand through AMi’s deep cognitive learning features.
Genuine Brand Assessment
Realistic User/Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Increase Marketing Effectiveness
Holistic Customer Profile
Answer the Who and Why
Data Discovery
Increase Sales
New Product Launch

What Can You Expect From AMi?

Brand Performance

Analyze your brand’s presence in the digital world and measure how it is stacking up compared to the competition. Determine your strengths and work on weaknesses with up to the minute digital feedback.

Topic Analysis

Pinpoint the interests of your customers by identifying and summarizing which topics they are talking about or #hashtags that are trending. Tailor content and advertising to increase engagements, click-through, post shares, promotional purchases and your overall advertising reach.

Attribute Analysis

Take control of your brand with the ability to change customer perceptions based on characteristics determined by actual experiences and feedback. Understand the emotions behind the perceptions and learn more about behaviors by building story blocks that clarify HOW and WHY they feel a certain way.

Audience Hyper-Intelligence (Hyper-Targeting)

Deliver more compelling content to audiences through segmentation of the market by interests and behavioral characteristics. Learn and group customers to understand each segment and increase your precision performance marketing abilities to assist you with retention and new customer acquisition.

Competitive Landscape Assessment

Identify the competition and monitor your brand within your specified market. Compare your brand to the competition and analyze their weaknesses and strengths to yours. Let data drive your decisions regarding competitive positioning.

Influencer Analysis

Identify and monitor the thought leaders that drive decisions or opinions. Track the topics that they cover as well as their opinion of your brand, market, or industry. Track and react to the positive emotions while proactively mitigating any potential negative emotions in real-time.

Campaign Performance Measurement

Measure the responses to content marketing, digital campaigns, video ads, etc. Assess the emotional impact of the campaign and quantify the feelings behind the success or failure. Determine which modes are more effective and why.

Product Positioning Intelligence

Pinpoint the location of your customers and understand the socio-economic demographics of a region where you currently sell or are looking to launch a new product in. Reach the highest efficiencies in advertising through hyper-targeting in areas where you have determined success.

Engagement Model

Engaging with Alenza is an easy interaction with access to Business Analysts who will guide you through the process. The Business Analysts will construct a concise and targeted multi-faceted query consisting of key terms, competitors, and your brand/organization. The output is extraordinary and delivered on a customizable, interactive, real-time dashboard.

You do not pay for lines of data, gigabytes, etc. You pay one flat monthly fee.
Engagement is just an email or phone call away to begin using AMi.